Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Mini Pizza Bites

I've been going through some kind of funk and haven't been inspired to cook that much (besides the vital meals, of course). Recently, though, with Facebook showing what other people like in my dashboard, I stumbled across a very cool page called Tasty, They share tons of interesting recipes, both as video and links, and one of them caught my attention. And this is how my MINI PIZZA BITES came to be!

This is the original recipe: 

As you can see, the recipe is very very simple. However, since I didn't have all the ingredients at hand, I gave it a slight twist and made a simple tomato tuna sauce. Simply use store bought passata, add two cans of drained tuna (in olive oil, not brine) and voila'! Tomato/tuna sauce! With a 500ml carton of passata and that amount of tuna, the sauce is quite dense and a little thick, so it fills the tortilla base pretty good. I used a 12-muffin tin, filled each one almost to the top and still had a bit leftover for lunch the next day.

This is how they looked right before their trip to the oven. I packed them with quite a lot of mozzarella because I love cheese, but you can use a little less and definitely also another type of cheese like cheddar. I think a semi-soft cheese would work too. 

This recipe has A LOT of variations, depending on your tastes. You can use veggies, or even chicken, and try all the different toppings you would normally find in takeaway pizzas. One thing I noticed, though, is that the tortilla "crust" remains very soft, which is awesome.

Make sure you check out Tasty's Facebook page for cooking inspiration. These were amazing, but I've already eyed a pasta recipe that I'm gonna try soon!

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