Thursday, 10 March 2016

My Weekly Schedule

As a freelance blogger, I am lucky enough to be able to work from home, and that is really great because I can manage my own schedule and I don't have to do 9-to-5 if I don't want to. However, it's not always easy because working from home also mean there are things in the house you need to take care of, so I wanted to share my everyday routine with you. Since most of the time I do the same tasks every day, I'll list it as a weekly routine. 

Monday: This is the only day that I am not home, and Silvia takes care of the blog stuff while I'm away. I have a part-time job as a proofreader for a UK niche publication, and I work until 5pm so, when I get home, I take a shower and I take a look at Silvia's post for the following day and check my iPad to see if I have emails that need answering. I try to reply within 24 hours, so usually part of the evening is reserved for me and Silvia to discuss our clients and what needs to be done. 

Tuesday: Post Day. I usually get up at 8.30/9am and find Silvia already awake. We chat about our plans for the day and if there's anything that needs our immediate attention while having breakfast. We schedule all our posts to go live at 9am, so I check if the post is up. If I slept in late because I was really tired, I'll just have my breakfast at my desk (we have a two-bedroom flat and we turned one of them into our office). The first part of the morning is always reserved for the mail, so I open Outlook and reply to the emails I received during the night or write new emails to customers I need to contact. I then schedule the post for our Facebook page for the afternoon. Then I brainstorm ideas for possible posts, and do a little bit of research. If I get particularly inspired, I start writing it right away and I put on my Spotify playlist so I can focus. If I'm not, I'll just write what I can and finish the rest the following day. The afternoon is usually reserved for clients work and, since it's a Tuesday, for Melyssa Griffin's Facebook Group and her collaboration thread, so I always check if there are job opportunities I can find. I try not to work in the evening because I want to have some boundaries but, if I was lucky enough to find potential clients through Melyssa's thread, I exchange messages via Facebook and see if there is possibility to work together.   

Wednesday: If there are chores to do, like laundry, I try to take care of that before I sit at my desk or during lunch. When it's a really busy day, though, I just use the time it takes for me to make lunch and then go back to my desk and continue working. Sometimes, it's even busier and I'm so focused that I don't even notice that it's lunch time, I just notice Silvia next to me because she brought lunch. Yeah, it happened. Wednesday is usually reserved for promoting Tuesday's post on social media and leaving comments on other blogs (for me, at least, as Silvia promotes the post on her social media on Tuesday). 

Thursday: Post Day. I usually do everything that I do on Tuesday and, since Silvia also manages her book blog, I try to create post graphics for social media by myself using Canva. Sometimes she approves them, sometimes she doesn't so she'll take care of that. She's the one who designed our blog and she does most of the posts initial image (the ones with the post title). In the meantime, I share possible ideas for next week's posts.

Friday: It's more of a laid back day, as it's close to the weekend. I mostly keep this day to plan my work for the following week and to watch YouTube videos. I'm working on my own Gaming Channel, so I'm watching videos of popular YouTubers to learn what programs they use and in general how they do it. 

Saturday/Sunday: I generally tend to impose myself not to work on weekends. I usually play The Sims 4 on my computer because it's my way of relaxing. Now that I'm learning the ropes of being a YouTube Gamer, I try to record as much game footage as I can over the weekend because I can't during the week and I like to get an early start. 

What does your weekly schedule look like?

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