Thursday, 3 March 2016

My Favourite iPad Games

In addition to playing The Sims 4 on my PC, I also love playing games on my iPad. I honestly lost count of how many games I've downloaded and deleted shortly afterwards because I got bored. However, there are a few games that I've been playing for quite a while for which I haven't given up yet. I play them every single day at least once, more if possible, and I really enjoy them.

*Please note that the games are listed in no particular order

I started playing this game because I was looking for something new to play with. I already tried Stardom: The A-List and Stardom: Hollywood, and they had become stale. I'm always up for trying games launched by celebrities, so I decided to give it a go.  I think my favourite part is when you get to do fashion events and you have to submit your own outfit and vote other characters. They give you outfits as rewards, and I love how you always get a mystery box as the first reward. Occasionally there are also new quests that make the game more interesting and fun, and I'm really enjoying it!

I honestly played this game only because there was a quest on KKH that if you reached level 8 in this game you could unlock a new outfit and hairstyle... And who am I to forbid new clothes and hairdos to my KKH character Audrey? So I started playing and I'm actually enjoying it a little more than KKH. The design is similar to Kim's game, but I like how you can customise your own character better. The only downside so far is that you must spend gems if you want to get the hairstyles that you unlock with each level that are not the basic ones, and it's a big bummer, but other than that it's a great game!

I love restaurant-style games, and of all the similar games I've tried since I got my iPad, this is by far the best. Obviously the aim of the game is to serve your customers, make money and expand your restaurant to be able to fit all the foreign cuisines available. One thing that I like is how your food doesn't burn if you're not playing (you'll find it ready to be picked up when you log back in) and that your customers stay until you have served them. I suppose the only downside is that it's really difficult to get items to upgrade your food storage, and that the more you advance levels in the game, the more expensive each cuisine gets. 

I love this game! I was playing High School Story, but when Hollywood U came out I stopped playing HSS and focused on this one. There is not much choice in terms of character customisation, but there are certainly a lot of outfits to choose from. You can take your time playing the game, except for the time sensitive quests (but I never play them because they always require a huge amount of diamonds that I never have), and I suppose the only downside is the diamonds. Sometimes they are required in order to complete quests and, since I have no intention of spending real money on this kind of games, it takes me weeks, if not months, to complete one quest. Luckily they are an occasional thing, but I hope they'd improve this. 

What kind of games do you enjoy playing on your iPad?

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