Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Avon Compact Powerbank

Have you ever needed to charge your phone on the go but couldn't? Yeah, me too . . . Thankfully, now I got something that allows me to take care of that issue!

We all have those frustrating moments when our devices' batteries drop dead or they are about to and we can't do much but wait to go home to charge them, so why don't we avoid this unpleasant situation? I told that to myself many times, but ended up doing nothing until an opportunity presented itself. Our Avon Representative, Zoe, delivered us a brochure where there was the Avon Compact Powerbank under offer at £12 and I was all "Bring it!"

Approx. 8cm x 8cm x 9.2cm, this rose gold coloured powerbank with a mirror (oh yes, I've just said mirror!) comes in a lovely pouch, and a USB lead is also included. You can use your own to charge your phone, but an extra one is always handy.

Both me and my sister bought one for our different mobiles (hers a Huawei, mine a Nokia Lumia 635) and tried it right away. It achieves around 70% efficiency, which is not bad considering it should be used as an emergency charger and we are very pleased with our purchase. It's light, pretty, and since we girls tend to always have a mirror in our bag, I'd say it's a double win! ;)

What do you think? Would you buy one for yourself?

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