Tuesday, 16 February 2016

My Top 3 Favourite Bands

Who doesn't love music? My taste has definitely changed since my teen years. Back then I was all into boybands, girlbands and exclusively pop music. I still like it, mind me, but I've shifted towards other genres like metal, rock and the likes. If I had to name all of the bands that I like you'd be stuck here for weeks, so I'll be kind and just tell you my absolute three favourites. Come on, follow me.

Going to one of their gigs is on my bucket list, as I'm pretty sure it would be the ultimate experience (though quite a sacrifice, since I can't stand huge crowds, but I'd definitely suck it up and do it anyway). I've always kind of had a thing for David Draiman, there are simply no words to describe how amazing his voice is. And that piercing... Well, that's a story for another day, ladies. Just watch this and see for yourself.

I wrote an article about their comeback album last August. I believe that comebacks are not for everyone, but Disturbed is one of those bands whose temporary break was a positive thing.

This is another favourite band of mine whose comeback brought fantastic things. I've been in love with Fall Out Boy for many years (anyone remembers Pete's cameo on One Tree Hill? That's when discovered them for the first time) and the fact that their style has changed shows not only they have grown personally, but also musically, and earns my respect by 100%. You can check out the article I wrote on them as Band of the Week on Kettle. I don't think there isn't a song I don't like of their album American Beauty/American Psycho. They recently released their previous album as a remixed version, and I think the video below is fantastic (and very very clever, I might add!).

If you're a fan of WWE like me, you know that they have the most amazing kick-ass songs anyone can possibly have, and that is how I discovered Adelitas Way. Their song Invincible was the theme for the Sunday WWE weekly recap a few years ago, and after that they became one of my favourite bands. They have many other great songs, but this one is particularly dear to me. 

What are your three favourite bands?
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