Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Don't you forget about '80s

If you were singing along while reading the title of this post, BRAVO!
What else comes rushing through your mind when you start thinking about movies of the '80s?

My sister has been staying with me since December to improve her English, but she wasn't expecting me to also improve her knowledge in Movies. It all started at Christmas . . .
"You know, I have never watched Star Wars."
Did you hear that? That was my jaw dropping on the floor.
"I mean, of course I saw bits here and there,"
Do not yell, she is your sister.
"But I couldn't get the story right, or really get into it."
Ok, that's it, somebody give me the remote!
*The very next day*
"OMG, I LOVE IT! I should have known better and listened to you loooong ago . . . And to think I never really sit down and watched all the movies you grew up with."
And so I did what every good big sis would do. I started a moviecation!

Follow Silvia's board Don't you forget about '80s on Pinterest.

I created the Pinterest board above to help her catch up, but I soon realised I was doing it for me as well. And for anyone with '80s fever, of course. ;) I know there are plenty more I could add to the list, but I wanted to show a Top 50 of those that had a certain impact on me, left a mark and/or simply kept me in front of the TV for hours when I was a kid. Surprisingly (not), there's quite the action, adventure and fantasy mix that still hasn't failed to entertain me! I think it's safe to say they kinda forged my taste in books, too, and the dreamer in me, which is still very strong.

However, I should point out that, as I see it, this is not the only thing for why my generation is particularly great and, yes, lucky. If the nostalgia kicks in from time to time, it's because movies, music, fashion style, arcades and life (in general) made us have a different kind of fun and live in a simpler, better way.

Sincerely yours,

A Thing for Life

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