Thursday, 14 January 2016

Beautiful Gipsy Treasures from Cherry Diva Store

Cherry Diva is an online store that has been around since 2013, bringing you the most beautiful and trend jewellery and accessories from around the world. They have quite a gorgeous assortments of eye catching items that are also affordable and, cherry on top, the girls working there are really lovely gals!

Cherry Diva Store

Last week I received a little package from them with three amazing treasures that I fell in love with the moment I put my eyes on them. The first one I’m going to tell you about is the Vesper Gipsy Coin Bracelet* (£6). For those who, like me, love bohemian vibes, this might be the right bracelet for you! Made of silver alloy, this bracelet is rich of silver mesh detail and embossed silver dangling gypsy coins that are charming, and the sound they make is one you will definitely like to hear.

The second and third items I received are rings. Now, let me tell you, finding a ring that fits my fingers can be quite the challenge . . . They always end up being too large but, surprisingly, both those rings fitted perfectly and that just made my day! Although, truth to be told, I put the midi ring on my right ring finger because it honestly fitted better, good thing it looked good as well that way.
La Lune Midi Ring* (£4) has a “la lune” script and a lovely moon symbol on it. Made from silver alloy, this ring is really pretty and a pleasure to wear. 
The Silver Tribal Elephant Ring* (£6) has a silver embossed tribal design with blue jewelled detail that makes it stunning. Made from silver alloy, acrylic, this ring has also an adjustable sizing and it is simply stunning!

I wore them both while spending a Sunday afternoon in the city centre and, I must say, the Tribal Elephant especially called for attention. I would recommend them both, though, they’re lovely and very comfy, I wasn’t even realising I was wearing them if it wasn’t for me staring at them from time to time—come on, how can you resist?

I honestly recommend each item I talked about, which are all available to purchase at Those gipsy treasures are affordable and looks too good to not add them to your collection, and certainly make you want to go around proudly saying you’re wearing Cherry Diva’s jewellery!

*The products marked with an asterisk are a gift from Cherry Diva

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