Friday, 20 November 2015

We've been given the Liebster Award!

A Thing for Life was awarded the Liebster Award by the lovely Jeini at Ajeinomoto!

For those of you not familiar with this, it is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers not just to give the chance to be discovered, but also to connect and support the blogging community.

  • Thank the blog who nominated you. 
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Answer questions the blogger has made for you. 
  • Nominate 11 bloggers with less than 200 followers and give your own set of questions. 

Ready, set, GO!
  1. We're book nerds and proud of it!
  2. We do commentary while watching movies together.
  3. We have pizza once a week.
  4. We always hope/wish for snow every year.
  5. We love the 80s!
  6. We converse in Italian but always add English words here and there in our sentences.
  7. We often (daily) use quotes from our fave shows and movies.
  8. We both agree Silvia's grandma is the best cook in the world!
  9. We love taking pictures but we don't take many of ourselves.
  10. We think Death Note is one of the best Anime ever.
  11. We have been besties since 2004!
  1. When did you start blogging?
    That goes way back in 2011. We both have a big passion for books, so we founded our own book blogs and started reviewing years ago. Last month we decided to launch a lifestyle blog together, to talk about all of our passions and interests but also to expand our skills and begin our freelance careers.

  2. Coffee or Tea?
    SILVIA: Coffee
    FRAN: Tea

  3. If ever you are given a chance to travel around the world what are your Top 5 destinations?
    Vancouver Island
    New Orleans
    New York

  4. What makes you smile?
    FRAN: She does!
    SILVIA: Yeah, I do that :-P
    FRAN: Hey! You really don't have anything to add, bestie?
    SILVIA: What? I constantly make you smile, I always have lots of voices in my head to help me do that.
    FRAN: You're not Randy Orton -_-
    SILVIA: Jeez, what gave me away? It's my hair, isn't it?
    FRAN: Next question!

  5. If ever you are given a chance to be someone who will it be?
    We honestly don't ever think about being someone else, we're not perfect (who is, really?) but still both happy with who we are, strengths and weaknesses included.

  6. Who/What inspires you to write?
    We take inspiration from everything that surrounds us. Whether it's a walk in the park, or something on TV, or a story we recently read...Or even a conversation. Everything is a source of inspiration, if we really want it to be.

  7. Among the MARVEL heroes, who suits you the most?
    FRAN: I don't think there's one that particularly suits me, but I can tell you Iron Man truly suits Silvia. The most capable person on the planet who does everything for everyone and, let's face it, Iron Man seriously cracks you up!
    SILVIA: Why do I have a feeling you're praising me so much to hide the fact that your first thought was Iron Man because of Robert Downey Jr's height?
    FRAN (faking shock): I was not thinking that! He is still taller than you, after all.
    *Fran whistles and looks around while quietly leaving the room*
    SILVIA: Worried I'm going Hulk on you now, aren't you?

  8. Car or House?

  9. Do you believe in forever?
    SILVIA: I personally focus on making the best of the life I know I have, but I do believe everyone hopes in forever.
    FRAN: We are not immortals, but I believe in the afterlife, so I suppose I do believe in forever.

  10. What are you willing to trade if ever you are given a new talent?
    FRAN: Wow, that is a tough question! I suppose it depends on what kind of talent I would be given... I would want a fair trade, after all.
    SILVIA: I'm looking for a superpower, can I have teleportation? Still not sure what I would trade that for, though.

  11. Math, Science or English?
  1. Julia ~ Life of Jules
  2. Rachael ~ Her Happy Home
  3. Melissa ~ Too long, didn't write
  4. Phoebes ~ Defying Gravity
  5. Lauren ~ Swipes & the City
  6. Sophie ~ Sophie Allan
  7. Danielle ~ Her Twenties
  8. Clara-Marie ~ The Tall Blonde
  9. Ann ~ Mani On The Move
  10. Cydney ~ The Good Life
  11. Ivana ~ The Furthest Thing from Perfect
  1. What word would you use to describe yourself?
  2. Best place you've been to.
  3. What's your favourite season?
  4. Top 5 memories.
  5. What was your dream job when you were a kid?
  6. Have you ever done something you thought you would never try?
  7. Movies or TV Series?
  8. Name 3 songs you would listen to on repeat.
  9. What social media channel you love the most?
  10. Who is your role model?
  11. Best achievement so far.

Tag, you're it! Don't forget to leave a comment with a link to your post so we can stop by and check your answers!

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