Monday, 9 November 2015

Social Media Fever


My name is Francesca and I am a social media addicted. *Hello, Francesca*
I know, this kinda sounds like one of those AA meetings, but I dare you to say deep down you don't feel the same way. There has been a huge boom of social media awareness in the past few years and, whether we like it or not, we will end up getting sucked into its vortex. It's inevitable.

The very same can be said for me. I know it may sound "old", but I come from a time in which the most popular thing to communicate with the rest of the world was MSN Messenger (exactly, a gazillion years ago!), so you see the enormous amount of changes that happened since then. Although I've always been one to be up with the trends, I admit I fought it off for as long as I could. But as much as I didn't like these "new" platforms, I had to adapt in order to keep up with the rest of the world. First there was Twitter, then Facebook... and then everything else. 

I consider myself a bit of a social media savvy, and these are the platforms I can't do without: 

Although I believe that this is the platform I use the most, I also think it's the one I like the least. I dislike their very strict policies for pages, and my initial plan was for ATFL to not have one. However, I couldn't do without it now since it's how I keep in touch with my friends, especially those who live far, far away.

Twitter, Twitter, why do you have to be so short?? 140 characters are really not enough, but I enjoy having quick chats with my brother and I can also follow my favourite celebrities' updates. The limit was removed from direct messages, and this was a huge improvement. However, recent news stated that the 140-characters limit might be extended to general tweets as well, so it's not time to despair yet. 

Oh, Pinterest, how I love thee... Seriously, this is the worst addiction of them all! I pin all the things that I like there. My favourite shows, the places I visited... and most of the dishes I cook come from recipes found on this inspiring platform. 

I don't have specific feelings about Google+. I mean, I signed up just because everybody else was doing it, and frankly I use it less than the others. But I like the fact that your "circles" can see what you post.

This is another platform that I joined to keep up with the fast-going trend. Unfortunately, I couldn't afford an iPhone, so my pictures were all taken with my iPad. Since I bought my Nokia Lumia (with Windows), though, the pictures' quality is much better, so hopefully you'll see more pictures!

This was a new thing a while ago, at least for me. I joined it because there was a lot of fuss on how Facebook was blocking posts from pages to show up on people's timelines, so everyone was travelling to Tsu. I haven't used that in a while, but I am slowly building my following base and my friends/followers do see what I post, so that's good.

Joining Triberr has been a life-saving solution for my book blog. My posts are shared by many people, and I am a member of several tribes, with a huge overall reach. It has certainly improved my page views, so I'm happy to share the posts from this blog there as well.

Are you addicted to the Social Media Monster like I am? What are the platforms you use the most?

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