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Oaklands Manor Trilogy Book Trailer

For those who still don't know, I'm also a video editor and one who truly loves her job. Every time a client contacts me asking for a project, I get thrilled and my creativity immediately starts running wild! (when doesn't it, though?) I've recently been hired by a great author to create the book trailer for her trilogy, and now we're here to show it to you . . . Ready?

Without further ado, it's with immense pleasure that in this Armistice Day I present you the Book Trailer for Oaklands Manor Trilogy, a beautiful, touching Historical Fiction gem written by Terri Nixon!

  • MAID OF OAKLANDS MANOR (Oaklands Manor #1) - Published by Piatkus

    England, 1912 is a place of rigid rules. A chance meeting between scullery maid Lizzy Parker and heiress Evie Creswell is about to break them all . . .

    Their meeting leads to more than an enduring friendship and a new job for Lizzy - it draws her into a world of privilege and intrigue and delivers her into the loving arms of a killer.
    Meeting the handsome but mysterious Jack Carlisle, Lizzy begins to fall for him despite rumours he had been involved in the death of Evie's father. As she becomes further embroiled in the dangerous life that Carlisle lives, she must decide if he can be trusted with the life of a close friend, and, ultimately, if he is worth the risk to her own . . .

  • A ROSE IN FLANDERS FIELDS (Oaklands Manor #2) - Published by Carina UK

    1914. Driving an ambulance through the mud in Flanders, aristocrat Evie Creswell is a long way from home. At Oaklands Manor all she had been expected to do was to look pretty and make a good marriage, but with the arrival of World War One everything changed.

    Evie, to the dismay of her family, does not choose a husband from her blue-blooded set; instead she weds artist Will Davies, who works as a butcher’s apprentice. Soon she is struggling nightly to transport the wounded to hospital, avoiding the shells and gas attacks, her privileged home life, and her family’s disappointment at her marriage, a lifetime away.

    And while Evie drives an ambulance in Belgium, Will is in the trenches in France. He withdraws from her, the trauma of his experience taking hold. Evie has the courage to deal with her war work, but it breaks her heart to think she is losing Will’s love. Can their marriage survive this terrible war? That is, if they both get out alive.

  • DAUGHTER OF DARK RIVER FARM (Oaklands Manor #3) - Published by Carina UK

    1917. Kitty Maitland has found a safe and welcoming home at Dark River Farm, Devon, and is finally beginning to find a path to recovery after her terrible ordeal in Flanders. Until the arrival of two very different visitors threatens to rip her new little family apart.
    One, a charming rogue, proves both a temptation and a mystery – Kitty is still trying to push her hopeless love for Scottish army captain Archie Buchanan out of her mind, and this stranger might be just what she needs … but she soon discovers he’s not a stranger to everyone.

    The other newcomer, a young woman with a past linked to the farm, sows seeds of discontent and mistrust. Between the two of them, and the choices Kitty herself has to make, Dark River becomes a place of suspicion, fear and danger. Can it ever return to the haven it once was?

Terri was born in Plymouth, England, in 1965. At the age of 9 she moved with her family to Cornwall, to a small village on the edge of Bodmin Moor, where she discovered a love of writing that has stayed with her ever since. She also discovered apple-scrumping, and how to jump out of a hayloft without breaking any bones, but no-one's ever offered to pay her for doing those. 

Since publishing in paperback for the first time in 2002, Terri has appeared in both print and online fiction collections, and is proud to have contributed to the Shirley Jackson award-nominated hardback collection: Bound for Evil by Dead Letter Press. As a Hybrid author, her first commercially published novel was Maid of Oaklands Manor (to be released in paperback on March 24th, 2016) published by Piatkus Entice (a digital-first imprint of Little, Brown) and short-listed in the "Best Historical Read" category at the Festival of Romance 2013. The sequel, A Rose in Flanders Fields, was published by Carina UK (a digital-first imprint of HarperCollins) and was short-listed in the same category in 2014. The third book in the series, Daughter of Dark River Farm, was released in early 2015 by Carina UK.

Terri's self-published Mythic Fiction series set in Cornwall, The Lynher Mill Chronicles, has now been launched. Details can be found on the Lynher Mill page of this site.

Terri now lives in Plymouth with her youngest son, and works in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Plymouth University, where she is constantly baffled by the number of students who don't possess pens. 

Terri also writes under the name T Nixon, and has contributed to anthologies under the names Terri Pine and Teresa Nixon. She is represented by the Kate Nash Literary Agency.

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