Monday, 2 November 2015

Celebration of the Name Day

Saint Silvia (c. 515 - c. 592) was the mother of St. Gregory the Great and her name was inserted under November 3rd in the Roman Martyrology by Pope Clement VIII. So tomorrow is a celebration day for me! I don't know how this plays in your own Country, but I can surely tell you name days are kind of a big deal in Italy.

When I say it's a big deal, I mean you have people calling to express their wishes—you forget to call or send a text and boy, some can make such a fuss—and there's also a chance you may receive gifts. Of course, it's not the same like celebrating your birthday, but similar and certainly considered quite an important occurrence.

My mum always got both me and my sis something for our name day and there's no year that passes by without her forgetting about it, no matter what. My grandma is fond of this celebration as well, and I also have a friend who shares my name and we use to express our wishes to one another on Twitter. We even end up joking about which one is going to do it first :)

I already told you who Saint Silvia is, but I haven't mentioned that apparently she is invoked by pregnant women for a safe delivery, have I? No pressure at all! And since we're talking about curiosities, what about not the Saint but the origin of my name? Let's see . . .
  • The name Silvia originates from the Latin word Silva (forest, woods) and it means spirit of the forest.
  • In Roman mythology, Rhea Silvia was the mother of the twins Romulus and Remus, who founded the city of Rome.
  • Also, Silvia is a Shakespearean name—insert fan girl moment—In Two Gentlemen of Verona she was The Duke's daughter, beloved of Valentine.
I've always loved my name (thanks, mum!) and yes, I've been fascinated by its origin. What about you? Have you ever asked yourself where your name comes from? But, most of all, I'm very curious to know if you guys are used to celebrating your name day, wherever part of the world you are from!

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