Wednesday, 28 October 2015

ProAction 5 Sheet Shredder

If you work from home like I do and and you have a big quantity of paper laying around (daily!), one accessory you truly need is a paper shredder. Something I regrettably have deprived myself of for the past few years . . . So, TA-DA!

Fran and I were doing some online shopping when we found this paper shredder. We rely on Argos when we need to buy certain items, and since we needed something affordable-but-good, we decided to go for it.

With a shredding speed of 3m per minute, it has a 10 litre waste basket and a reverse function. It shreds 5 sheets of A4 into 6mm pieces and can also shred credit cards, something that is always handy to be able to do.

We bought it in the morning and we got it in the early afternoon of the same day, so it goes without saying that we unwrapped it and started using it right away, after all we had quite a lot of paper to get rid of!

All you need to do is switch the button on Auto and start having fun with it. Wait, did I say fun? I'm sorry, what I meant was you can enjoy testing your stress level with it. It seems quick and efficient at the beginning, but it jams more than once and after a while not even the Rev button will solve your issue.

We thought it was just a case and wanted to give it another go, so we phoned Argos and asked for a replacement. When we got it we—very carefully—put no more than two or three sheets at a time, and how did it go? Well, what do you know, it worked for two whole minutes. DANG!

Priced at £14.99, it would be a good value if it did exactly what it's supposed to. It goes without saying that I'm really not pleased with this purchase and we already asked for a refund. Nevertheless, I'll find a proper paper shredder!

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