Friday, 30 October 2015

Paper Dandy's Horrorgami ~ 20 Gruesome Scenes to Cut and Fold by Marc Hagan-Guirey

Halloween is the time for lots of candy, costumes and trick-or-treating, but this year is going to be much cooler because of this:

For those who don't know, Paper Dandy's Horrorgami  (published by Laurence King) features 20 kirigami (cut-and-fold) designs based around haunted houses and scenes from horror films by the creator of the successful Horrorgami blog and exhibition. 


I have to admit I didn't enjoy this as much as I thought I would. I didn't have any issues with the cutting per se (I am very thankful for the personal tools I had in my stash, without which the precise attention that cutting requires would've been a complete disaster), but the folding part was what I had trouble with.

I  honestly had all the good intentions and eagerness to get down to it as I possibly could, but after a hideous disagreement with The Thing under the Stairs, a sinister encounter with the Crypt Creeping, and a nightmarish Suburban Slaughter showdown, I gave up and declared a massive defeat. I had been very good at detailing all the windows but, when it came to assembling the scene, my folding techniques were quite horrific. I rely on the fact that I am not very good with manual labour, so the process of folding for me was a very difficult one.

I feel like the instructions could have been clearer. I had to rely on the pictures a lot and occasionally, even then what I was supposed to do was not clear enough. 


I'm a very crafty person, but I've never attempted making any kirigami before. So, could I seriously have overlooked the chance to try with designs based on iconic places and scenes from some well known horror films?

I must say, I had fun and not just with the craft part, I was also entertained by the explanation behind every subject the author picked. Of course, you should try a kirigami project when you have time and be prepared to be very patient, or the result can be catastrophic . . . To really succeed, you need to have a firm hand and pay attention to details, especially when it comes to folding. In this book there are instruction on how to do that, I just think they should have been clearer and more detailed because they can definitely be tricky for a newbie, even with the beginner levels offered.

I honestly could have done better than what you see in the picture below but, considering I was sick when I worked on it, I think overall I did good enough, what do you think?

The Fall of the House of Usher

Overall and despite some #epicfails, it was a good experience, and we'd certainly recommend this to crafty bloggers & Horror lovers, as each scene would make a great Halloween decoration!

*We were kindly gifted this book by Midas PR

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